Woof Gang

Claim Airdrop

(50,000 WOOF)

Buy Woof Gang

Min buy 0.01 BNB (500,000 PRC)

Invite By

Invited by wallet address is Required

Refer and Get 100% WOOF and 30% BNB of all Claims and Buys !

You must have Woof Gang token on your BEP20 Address

Airdrop and Selfdrop started from July 18th, 2021 and ends on August 31, 2021.

Woof Gang will list on PancakeSwap on November 1, 2021

95% FUNDS FROM THE TOKEN SALE WILL PUT IN PANCAKESWAP AS A LIQUIDITY, 3% will be used for robust advertising and 2% will be given to Developers for their services.